In love with a ghost.(Excerpt From 10,000 Sleepless nights)

I revisit My own work..To see Am I that Still, HAs It changed me, did I become changed By, or what was ever either or.

What Say you


by Sam Bailey (Notes) on Saturday, June 13, 2009

I ache… in the remembrance of what was.. I recall it yet did not live it …  I feel the wound of loss.. though I have not yet known it.. it was all that I wanted… but I know not when I had It.


A single word that in its defining can span time and space.
The forger of souls.

I knew it, have known it, at length and with conviction.. and when I did, I was it , and It made me whole.

If only now.. was then .. and then would have lasted.
But it is now, and now .. I am without love…

Yet I linger… a spirit bound, but aware.
I am love’s ghost…
and it is its memory I haunt.

This was Written In 2009, In perhaps the worst times emotionally in my adult life…

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