When all is done… What will be said…(Excerpt From 10,000 Sleepless Nights)

What Say you

l_5229b9d9ff754b86b3c51dac5d3ce081 Taken the day this piece was wrote in 2009.

by Sam Bailey (Notes) on Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have voiced some and thought often about the end of all things Me, and the stir of doubt and fear all about me rises like the dust before the desert rain.
I have spoke of legacies lost,  souls unbidden, dreams unclear, and waxed esoterically about the here and now having been then and there..
Amidst all this… one thing has been left unsaid.
I am… a man who can change the world with his words.
It is bathed in arrogance, such a proclamation, that one can only see an Ego’s fresh shine…
But….. Any that hear me.. any that read Me…even those whom are bent upon a moment to launch a shattering rebuke.. are faced with the certainty that truth wields..
and… if they have courage, will listen, then think.

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