Reforging (A Post Biographical Revelation)

Source: Reforging (A Post Biographical Revelation)

The Amount of Pain you think, in any moment of your life, is the absolute greatest you will ever know, is proved false by two certainties. The first, we cannot remember “Pain” this is the one blessing of our memories failings. The second, you know not when Life will teach you, that you underestimated just how much you could suffer.

To have Been Broken.


I have had much to say, to so many, on the matter of what I have been, when I was another Me. 
It seems so strange a thing, to speak in earnest words of how I am not that which I once was, and have them look at me the same. I find, in these moments, a palor of fear and doubt washes over me. 
I want to scream ” Cant you see what I am saying!” Take them and shake them, for how can they not know how profound a truth I speak..? Cant they understand.. what I have been through…?
They do not.
I , I must then accept that those who hear nothing of what I have said.. No matter Its eloquence.. It soul shaking honesty… For they have been blessed by the ignorance unstolen by suffering and loss.
I calm… and sigh… and speak anew.. They may never know.
For they themselves can only hear me iF they have first
Been Broken.