To be whole.(Excerpt from 10,000 Sleepless Nights)

What we learn of ourselves is in part, I think, what we can allow ourselves to to forget a learn anew.

What Say you


(originally written Wednesday, August 25, 2010.)

As our days roll by and years come along to give count to them, we will so often leave pieces of us amidst their gathering.

Sometimes its a quaint rememberence.. a day in a life marked to measure the coming and going of friends.. and we think of what we were.. and what it has made us in the end..

Sometimes its a recollection sullen and cold.. a time when we lost precious innocence or had love stolen, or promises lost.

Then there are times when we cast aside our misgivings.. or shed pride or selfishness.. and better is made the remains..

Those times most harsh.. when a part of us is taken… as we lose all of someone whom for us was everything..

Yet as all the pieces lay scattered in our days.. when we at last see them and know.. despite how many, how…

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The Truth that starts with you has to still be the truth nonetheless.

Never have I hated the certainty of my own words more, and what they shall now forever mean to me.

What Say you

The battle for self righteousness has cost so many of us more than we care to admit. Those times where we stand defiantly on some principle to which some, or all, of the construct of our Psyche is leveraged upon and so we can’t relent for a moment one the force of our argument, yield even an ounce of the weight of our stance.

It can be said, however, that such adamant determination, is merely our frailty of being hidden behind the tremendous power of fear and doubt. To be sure though, such things are not just markers of the lesser measures of the human condition, but at times, cruelly earned brands of what pain and suffering we may have known.

There are times though when we will be moved, to not be moved, by something that should be common, but life makes all to rare for us to see, benefit from, and be certain of in any way that everyone who will see it…

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Reforging (A Post Biographical Revelation)

Source: Reforging (A Post Biographical Revelation)

The Amount of Pain you think, in any moment of your life, is the absolute greatest you will ever know, is proved false by two certainties. The first, we cannot remember “Pain” this is the one blessing of our memories failings. The second, you know not when Life will teach you, that you underestimated just how much you could suffer.

To have Been Broken.


I have had much to say, to so many, on the matter of what I have been, when I was another Me. 
It seems so strange a thing, to speak in earnest words of how I am not that which I once was, and have them look at me the same. I find, in these moments, a palor of fear and doubt washes over me. 
I want to scream ” Cant you see what I am saying!” Take them and shake them, for how can they not know how profound a truth I speak..? Cant they understand.. what I have been through…?
They do not.
I , I must then accept that those who hear nothing of what I have said.. No matter Its eloquence.. It soul shaking honesty… For they have been blessed by the ignorance unstolen by suffering and loss.
I calm… and sigh… and speak anew.. They may never know.
For they themselves can only hear me iF they have first
Been Broken.