To be whole.(Excerpt from 10,000 Sleepless Nights)

What we learn of ourselves is in part, I think, what we can allow ourselves to to forget a learn anew.

What Say you


(originally written Wednesday, August 25, 2010.)

As our days roll by and years come along to give count to them, we will so often leave pieces of us amidst their gathering.

Sometimes its a quaint rememberence.. a day in a life marked to measure the coming and going of friends.. and we think of what we were.. and what it has made us in the end..

Sometimes its a recollection sullen and cold.. a time when we lost precious innocence or had love stolen, or promises lost.

Then there are times when we cast aside our misgivings.. or shed pride or selfishness.. and better is made the remains..

Those times most harsh.. when a part of us is taken… as we lose all of someone whom for us was everything..

Yet as all the pieces lay scattered in our days.. when we at last see them and know.. despite how many, how…

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