Waking to the Forgotten Wounds.

I have spoken on many occasions on the matter of how the hurt of another Should never be lessened by being made relative, for we are all so very different. But most importantly… when pain finds you in the darkness.. what another’s may be like will do little to light the way, unless they see yours and use it to guide you home.

What Say you

     I have spent so many an hour putting thoughts to words on the absence of sleep, and its toll upon me, and so on and so forth, that I fell prey to the most common of human failings, despite how uncommon my own were in the nature of how mine came to be.

     That of allowing my own wounds, to become a weapon to wound another.

     I place enormous forethought, given all that transpired in the abyss of me that decades of sleepless nights created, to not levy any hurt upon another. Whether it be the casual passerby, or those for whom my heart beats. Yet, in doing so there is something that takes place that I had never contended for.

How Old wounds, laid low, in protection of others, gave rise to new ones, and they do not pay homage to the past when I did not sleep.

These wounds are fresh,  raw and tender, and will flair…

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