Your place, is to make it Better.

Too often, we cannot see the world around us, because we are lost in the world inside us. One can cause the other, and it can be a just cause indeed, so we set about our righteous wanderings, made so by pain, loss, regret, or whatever else we can lay claim to as our means to the wandering we undertake.

Yet… in truth… there is no real justice to this at all… however we may claim it to be. For wherever we are in this self exile, there is another place we truly need to recognize.

Our place in this world.

It is One we define by our actions, but also, one we have an Obligation… to ourselves, and to everything and everyone it touches, to do right by, to be faithful stewards of, and simply… to make ..better.. for it,, the world around us.. and inside us…  deserves this, and that’s how it keeps going, and so can we..

For in the in end.. for Yourself and All the World around.. its your place.. to make it Better. 011

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