Sun in the rain. The Sun Dawg Cafe’. A Bohemian Oasis of food, philosophy and Style


Sweet Potato Chili…, Rum Soaked French Toast, Or the incomparable Mango Dawg…

These are just some of the most extraordinary creations by Ray and Rachel (Yes I put it in that order, yes they get the irony, and no.. they don’t it find funny ..) Husband and Wife proprietors of the Sun Dawg Café.

Located at the corner of the Outwardly ordinary and mundane( actually its Main and Otterman in Greensburg, PA.) The Sun Dawg may be eight  rough steps down beneath the street, but a mile and more above the curve when it comes to slow lean ambiance, and fantastic reinventions of the classics of Americana Café Fair.

Ray and Rachel, (yeah I know… I know….) are clearly in the groove of doing what they Love, doing it with some serious style, and providing a culinary experience that has me pouring over the menu like a Klondiker who wonders how many nuggets he’s got in his pan, shining in the sun.

Take for instance Sweet potato Chili….I have to tell you that the name alone had me curious for the sake of it, but just one taste and I am hitting it harder than a B- List has been  Just out of Rehab. To put it more seriously, it was culinary brilliance.

And That’s the thing.. the Menu is filled with such treasures as can be seen on an old school chalkboard that teases you with its casual presentation, hinting at its ever changing nature that beckons you to try them all before they are gone. Added to this is a gem of equal value which is the genuine connection that Ray and Rachel forge with each and every customer who finds there way down the rain clad steps to this bright and friendly abode.

This more than anything, this fusion of place and being and food and soul makes at least for me, the Sun Dawg Café a place to find yourself, and if you can’t find yourself, then this a place to start and have some damn fine food along the way.

I could write more.. but Instead I will leave this hanging in the air.. Pumpkin spice Cinnamon Rice Crispy  Delight..

Nuff Said..

I have been Leibster-ated… I think??


Liebster-Award-Badge (Photo credit: Adrienne Third)

I have to say I was a different kind of clueless as word came to me on my consideration for such a fine accolade. My previous noteworthy achievements are eating a hot dog in one bite, and a high score in  midget punching on all you can drink scotch night.

Thanks a Million x 2.3825 to who nominated me for this award.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Liebster Award rules here they are :

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you for the Liebster Award, and link back to his or her blog.

2. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator asks you.

3. Post 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers of your own, with under 200 followers, whom you think are as awesome as you.

5. Create 11 questions for your nominees.

6. And finally… Display the Liebster Award logo on your page.

Her questions to me were as follows..

My questions are:-

1. Favourite song and why?

Dobie Gray’s “Drift Away” Why? Because I can sing the hell out of it.

2. Best childhood memory?

Collecting soda bottles to get penny candy.

3. Vanilla or flavoured ice cream?

Cherry Chocolate Chip

4. Favourite food?

Chicken and Dumplings

5. Hugh Jackman (yumm) or other?

Emma Stone

6. Which three items would you save in a fire?

Pipe, Pipe Tobacco, Scotch. 

7. Most difficult thing you’ve had to do?

Play Taps at my fathers funeral.

8. Sea, lake or river?


9. Favourite item of clothing and why?

Baja. Its been everywhere with me.

10. Most embarrassing moment? (I dare you!)

Played( Trumpet) during a rest in the state band championship. 

11. Main colour of clothes in your wardrobe?


Here my random facts.

1. I have a extra muscle in my forearms and calves.

2. I dislike Beets Immensely.

3. I have hobbitish feet.

4. I love music.

5. I hate Paul Saget.. a lot

6. I once ate a hotdog in one bite(see awards)

7. I believe there is a ninja midget conspiracy (also see awards)

8. I think Justin Beiber is a vegan zombie- howler monkey offspring.

9. I can imitate people pretty well.

10.Was hit by lightning.

11. Have a lot of moist things

Now the Bloggers I nominate.. paying the awkwardness forward.


1. who you would slap if you could get away with it.

2. Relative you dislike the most.

3.  Movie you are ashamed to admit you love.

4. Worst place you have ever wiped your cheese puff fingers on.

5. most drunk you can ever remember being.

6. strangest sandwich you ever made cause it was all that was left in the fridge/cupboard.

7. most awkward gift you ever got.. or regifted.

8. Most idiotic thing you have ever said.. that you will fess up to.

9. best road trip you ever took

10. item of clothing you KNOWWW you will never into, but keep just in case.

11. Favorite drink.

Words.. (Excerpt from 10,000 Sleepless Nights.)


S.E. Bailey (Notes)

Original written Sunday, March 4, 2012.

The power of words..

I have always held a reverent awe of the force that can be wielded with the words we speak.. and hear. I think of a father.. and the soul changing force ..when his child first calls him such.. a son, whom in his darkest hour as he slumps defeated hears the pride in his fathers voice.. The daughter.. who feels beautiful for her father tells her so.. or the mother who feels complete as their child says “thank you” for the person they are.. or the brother or sister who looks to the same.. who rises up because they are told.. I am here.

The teacher who .. hears the expectant question asked.. the student who listens as the world is revealed.. the scholar.. who learns.. what he has found will be remembered.. the scientist who speaks.. and progress takes hold

The officer.. whose soldiers brace couragously at their command.. the poet who watches as their stanzas alight a soul.. the friend who sees his advice will make right..

A minister.. whose sermon brings pennance.. The priest .. whose benediction gives peace.

The warrior.. whose rally call make heros.. The leader.. whose just proclamations brings peace..

The lover.. whose confessions brings union.. The Prophet.. whose conviction changes fate..

This has been the power of words.. as they have been and they will be again.

I will always use them.. cherish them.. need them.. For the Power of words.. has been that which makes me…ME