When you own both the Mirror and what It shows.


Self Reflection… is there anymore an odious concept to which one can prescribe to doing, but in reality are more deceptive to ourselves about and even more so to others. Oh we will espouse our courageous journeys undertaken through its means, and then with scholarly countenance speak of how many our own virtues we discovered, like ancient treasures along the hallowed path of introspection we took.

What we almost never mention, it is what we really found, inside us.

No Self Reflection, is complete without a walk along the dark roads of us.

The place where we find our vices, failings, our petty grudges and lingering resentments, our spitefulness and self loathing, all lurking within us as they are in everyone else.

Then there is the avenues of our sufferings, wounds and scars, lamentations and regrets, this winding on and on, seeming to never end.

It is not for me to say that one cannot find themselves in the shimmering truth of what their own Mirror may show, It is just so very few, even at times myself, will truly own all of what is there before them.

Eventually, We all want to go home….


There are so many  parables, expressions, anecdotes, and clever little phrases that we turned to about taking to some sort of journey.

In fact, most, if not all of us, have some sense of wanderlust within us, a baited sense of adventure, or unrequited childhood fantasy to visit some distant and wonderful land.

For many of us, even myself, much of those inklings, thankfully have been sated. For certain, there are many, oh so many of this worlds wonders, and its peoples I have yet to see and meet, but I have now done my fair share to be sure.

Yet there is really another type of journey, or I should say, another more poignant, more heartfelt part of one, that those of us that have seen and done sometimes lose sight of.

Those wayward, haunted and broken souls, simply trying to find their way home.

I have been on that final leg, So easy it is to forget.. It should be an easy location to mark on a map, the memory of it should as automatic as muscle memory, Yet for some, the Journey they have undertaken.. the terrible places they have gone, the horrible wrong turns, often doubling back, even getting lost .. breaking down.. Its all they can do just to hold on.. to one thought.

“I just want to go Home.”

In the end it is what we all want, what defines it, is something both time  and the journey will change, and in that so shall we. To this I can speak with certainty.

Eventually, We all want to go home.

No matter who, what, or where, that turns out to be.



When we seek the great Wonders of the smallest space we can find.



As a Child, despite the hardships of Sleeplessness, reconstructive surgeries, and the all to frequent broken bone, I was seldom, if ever, unhappy. In fact, I recall with great fondness the joys of my own imagination. This of course never restrained or lessened in any way by my parents, who perhaps saw its purity as my means to ease what they may have seen as much more suffering than a child should bear.

As I spent more days than not, physically bound within the space of a hospital bed, bedroom, house, or a patch of dirt and grass scarcely beyond a front porch, with the endless sky held at bay a by a line of tall pines marking the not so distant other side of the street.

There is no greatness in the child of me that I will lay claim to that allowed for such wonderment that filled by days will flights of fantasy and kept the constraints of the world around me from closing in even further. That would belong to my parents, and on this for the sake of unapologetic pride, I will state as fact.

The point in all this, is that childhood distraction, so carefully nurtured for me, has become my most powerful of life tools now.

To realize any place, I am, no matter where I have let myself come to, where life has taken me, or where I might think I have found myself.. with no other place to go.. I can be.. any place I want, in an instant, and by that find myself right where I want or need to be. And that sometimes, well that can be just a good place to start.

Sometimes imagination isn’t about thinking very big at all. Its about being in that Smallest Space that we find.. and All the wonders we Let ourselves see.



The History you choose to deny may be taught to you in its repetition.


The horrors that Islamic jihadists now commit with the frequency of breath is matched with a willful ignorance that is positively Sympatico by Islamic leaders near and far that Elements of History (say, The Holocaust,) never even took place.

A heavy and dark Truth, In World War 2, Millions of German Civilians Died, along with many others and There is every reason to believe that some were not only not Nazis, but completely Innocent; Collateral damages that the Ravages of War will wrought.
Moderate Islam, you might want to heed that particular history lesson, though some of you (if not many) argue the particulars of the histories of WW2(like the holocaust), rest assured, Millions died and whole cities were razed to the ground.
This is always horrible, WAR…. is always horrible.. but some of your neighbors who have got A case of the Jihad are going to pull the world into just that.
And when they do, you will wonder why you sat and did nothing, except think of the histories you didn’t think about at all.

Why The I.R.S. Is a threat to Liberty.


Some of you may remember that I took issue with the IRS targeting certain groups based on their politics. If you think they didn’t your an Idiot. (unfriend moment) The evidence is absolute and all that remains is to fill in the blanks of All that was involved.

Four days after I posted this…………..


I was audited, going back to 2009. I was never informed I was audited, in any medium, until a levy appeared. The amount in dispute I was never given a chance to argue the merits They just decided I owed It, and took it.
I learned of the dates and the amounts After the fact.
Now, the total amount to be Levied has now been paid.. yet the levy remains. Because one cannot get a person on the Phone, Correspondence, etc.
The amount taken from me by the IRS may not be much compared to some, and certainly not as much as many will get in child tax credits but certainly more than the 45%of the nations Federal Income Tax Payers who are not, in fact, tax payers in this way because they Pay No FICA in any case.
I am not part of the 1% as the rally call to hate implies, and I have paid my fair share. (WHICH IS EVERY CENT I HAVE PAID IN MY LIFE THAT MILLIONS HAVE NOT)
I am Just an American who happens to dare criticize a government for abuse of power.

Who Knew.

The Likeable Lies and distrust revealed In the shadow of Ebola.


There are inherent truths in civilizations born in the governments that rule them. One of these “truths” is the law of unintended consequences of a media that is too much partisan, in any direction.

I will start with an example that infuriates me to this day. That being Benghazi, Libya, 2012 , and the attack on the American Consulate.

Oh how this will incite debate once discussed.

On the one hand we have a full spectrum of questions and doubts that range even to the full blown conspiratorial notions of cover up and treason. Media sources aligned with this have been unrelenting in the coverage , wanting, demanding answers.

On the Other hand we have a full spectrum of questions and doubts,but also a fervor of defense of “their” side that has them dismiss all questioning on the matter, in a circle the wagons mentality, indicting the “other” side for manufacturing scandal. The Media sources aligned with THIS side are dutifully and protectively  quiet.

Now, what is common with either side are “question and doubters” in the middle, leaning one way or the other politically but unsure nonetheless and ask themselves these questions.

    IF they are lying, why the lie, what’s the purpose and.. If someone is lying, can I live with it, for some sort of “Greater”good.

The far sides of this will issue(Benghazi) will not be swayed from their perspective stances. They will either KNOW someone’s lying and demand consequences , or DON’T CARE that’s someone might have, because the Win is what matters, but the core of the issue for the rest of us remains.

Did they LIE, and if so, do I like it because I like the reasons they would have?

    The THEY in all this, is our government, in its various departments and functions over the years.

Now we can apply that final question to some other issues you may have heard of.

(In no particular order.)

IRS targeting of conservative groups.

WMD’s in Iraq.

Global Warming.

Fast and Furious.

Monica Lewinsky.

Affordable Care Act.


The Bergdahl swap.

The Ferguson Shootings.

The VA.


In all of these, it’s about getting the truth, or not being concerned with it, depending on your “Identity” politically.

Now One issue, by its very nature is non partisan, and the truth of it is all about life and death, no matter your politics.


Ebola, in is varied mutations, is the stuff of nightmares made real. Its a killer that literally turns each person it kills into a delivery system to kill others.

There are facts, REAL facts about the Virus that have been vetted by some of the smartest people the world has ever known, and there are questions that those very same people have YET to answer, but someday will, given time.

Last I checked, a Fact was equal to a Truth.

So as the specter of Ebola looms over this whole planet. What we(civilizations) need are


Now, her is where partisanship and bias are an absolute cancer to mankind, and this country specifically.

For those whom believe that there Government would lie to them, whether or not they find it a “Likeable Lie”, They now crave truth and facts desperately, for great is the fear of such a monster(Ebola)

The rest of us who just don’t know what to believe, from either side or the government, are stuck in the middle. No less worried , and sometimes in fear.

Because truth has already died to us, long before Ebola ever became something to fear.






Seeing Shadows or Light…

      Too often we dwell in darkness, in the sense of how our sorrows and losses, failures and regrets, occupy that place where our soul is forever shrouded in twilight. It is a shadowy realm of our construction, the brick and mortar of its masonry made solid by our fears and doubts. It seems a fitting place to seek solace, but it is instead a prison to which we are both inmate and warden, and we abide there .. too often and too long…
What gives us our moment for both gracious pardons and daring escapes.. Is the light we let in, through windows of hope and forgiveness that are often forgotten, and by design far too small. 
What makes this so.. is when we can look to the shadow of us.. And instead let ourselves see the light shinning through that makes It.