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Good, the Bad, The Ugly, essentially the FBI
by S.E.Bailey on 04/22/13

So there was a Bombing at the Boston Marathon, perpetrated by the Bung Hole brothers from Chechnya who were all muslimed up and ready to get Talibany with it by murdering and maiming innocents. An act of cowardice that makes a paranoid sewer rat look like a cornered badger, but to be expected from a pair of corn holed little bitches.

Now.. in the days following bombs and deaths, horrible wounds and countless tears and the endless stream of talking heads who talked endlessly about.. well nothing , The FBI poured over thousands of photos, fragments, first through fifth hand accounts to end up giving us a couple of pictures that would help catch said Little Bitches. Every last Bostonian, (which after the bombing represented pretty much all of us), let the images burn in hard and deep in to our still whirling minds, hoping we could help catch the F&*%ers.

A few hours later they found a cop instead, assassinating him, and well we all know the whole sordid shootout/manhunt that was on everywhere.

So.. We end up with one dead as yesterdays fish, and the other with Boston’s Finest(Who were amazing) where he can RSVP his coming dirt nap(That’s unless he lawyers up Devils advocate Style and gets some bleeding hearts to give him life for the ones he took) And as we collectively exhale and wonder if its all over now, a thought drifts into the breeze like a slaughter house in august.

The FBI.. who begged us for any tips, help us oh help us please.. Knew who this guy was.

Yep, that’s right, they(FBI)knew who, where, what and .. wait for it ..WHY they should have been watching the oldest of the Two Shit Stains ..TWO YEARS AGO.

Multiple interviews, with him, his family….and then..


They still needed our help.. IDENTIFYING.. AND FINDING… THEM.

I would bet if Boston’s Finest would have been told that.. like as soon as the smoke cleared, they would have been on them quicker than a Sox Fan on a foul ball. then That M.I.T. officer would be going home to his love ones..

OR.. you know what would have better .. IF the FBI would have .. you know.. been watching a guy, they were told they should watch.. ..

Then maybe this(Bombing, death, life altered wounded) would not have happened.

They sure seemed to have time to find out what’s stinking up the joint, other than there own investigating.

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